Research Methods TA

Undergraduate course, Duke University, 2020

Currently I am a graduate teaching assistant for Dr. Angela Vieth’s online course PSY 204L: Quantitative Research Methods & Statistics for Psychological Science. Looking forward to making statistical methods & data science accessible for Duke undergraduates!

Pod 089 Solid Firefly TA

Summer School, Neuromatch Academy, 2020

In the summer of 2020 I was a teaching assistant for the first session of Neuromatch Academy! Over three weeks I guided my 9 students through a whirlwind tour of everything computational neuroscience, from basic modeling concepts (e.g., “What is a model?”), regression models, and python programming, to more advanced models like Hidden Markov Models, RL models, and deep neural networks. Finally, I helped my 9 students split into two groups to create their own long-term group projects.

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology TA

Undergraduate course, Duke University, 2020

During the Fall 2020 semster I was a graduate teaching assistant for Dr. Ruth Day’s online course PSY 102: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. In addition to grading and leading discussion sections, I also helped students develop their own experiments to demonstrate classic principles in cognitive psychology.