Below are some links to resources containing more information about me, my friends & mentors, and more:


Paul Henne: causal judgment & omission
Kristina Krasich: eye-tracking, mind-wandering, consciousness & visual attention
Sam Murray: vigilance, negligence, experimental philosophy
Ari Khoudary: perceptual decision-making, metacognition, source integration
Gabriela Fernandez Miranda: forgiveness, moral judgment, counterfactuals

Resources & Groups

IMC Lab: this is the website for the IMC lab, led by my co-advisor Felipe De Brigard.
Pearson Lab: this is the website for the Pearson lab, led by my other co-advisor John Pearson.
Duke Institite for Brain Sciences Methods Meetings: this is a group of students & faculty I put together at Duke to share knowledge about statistics, methodology, programming, and more! We create new blog posts on the site bi-weekly, so stay tuned!
Meta-Meta Resources: my good friend Jack Dolgin set up this amazing website that includes a whole bunch of resources for doing research in cognitive neuroscience in an organized package.

Past Mentors

Paul Bello & Will Bridewell: attention, intentional action, consciousness, end-to-end reasoning
Sangeet Khemlani: symbolic reasoning, language, inference
Selmer Bringsjord: logic-based artificial intelligence, theorem proving